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Homestead Organics Will Expand in Morrisburg ON

On Friday Dec 6th, Homestead Organics purchased an industrial property in Morrisburg ON. The company currently uses 8,000 square feet including 3 trailers and a tent on 0.65 acres in Berwick. The building in Morrisburg has 27,000 square feet on 2.2 acres, with services, office and retail space, processing and packaging areas, and a great warehouse.

Our move to Morrisburg will be in stages, over a few years, starting with soybean cleaning this winter. The final move of feed making and farm supplies will occur later when we secure enough capital. Starting in the spring of 2014, the only reason for farmers to visit the Morrisburg location will be to deliver food grade soybeans. Read the full story in the Cornwall Free News.

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