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Organic farming is knowledge intensive. Our education section includes many of the current organic educational resources to help people understand organic production and learn how to improve their operations. Please let us know if there are further resources that we could add to our list.
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From Field to Feeder

From Field to Feeder

A Practical Guide to Feeding Livestock

Brought to you by...Homestead Organics

Over 90 pages of great information on organic livestock nutrition and feed programs. A step-by-step guide to effective nutrition featuring natural and organic practices. Your reference for easy feeding and natural health programs for your farm animals.

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Some introductory material.

The real stuff on organic feeding programs.

An accessible handbook for:

  • backyard flocks,
  • hobby herds,
  • mixed farms, small and large.

A farmer’s handy tool with:

  • feeding programs,
  • feed product definitions,
  • nutritional supplements,
  • nutrition-related health care.

Resolve the challenges with your farm animals:

  • How do I finish poultry?
  • Do my ewes need grain in  winter?
  • How do I feed my goats and cows for optimal milk production?
  • How do I control parasites with natural methods?
  • How much feed should I give to my pigs?


In general, the livestock industry manages production for optimal yields to ensure economic viability and to supply sufficient volumes to feed large populations. Organic farmers need to understand the nutritional needs of the livestock in order to produce tasty and nutritious organic animal products. The animal’s behaviour, growth pattern, reproductive capacity and food production are intimately linked to the feed it consumes. The nutritional value of the feed and the feed components must be delicately balanced. The results of good organic management and good organic feed include the great taste, colour, texture, nutritional value and optimal yield of the food product.