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Our Mission - "To Serve and Develop Organic Agriculture!"

Homestead Organics Buys the Sebringville Feed Mill.

An official ceremony was held on January 29th 2016 to transfer the Sebringville Feed Mill, in Perth County in South-Western Ontario, from Hensall District Co-operative, Inc. (HDC) to Homestead Organics Ltd. In attendance were local elected officials, media representatives, business partners, organic farmers, and customers of Homestead Organics.

The mill is open for business. We started operations in April 2016 serving our customers in central and SW Ontario. Customer and dealers are invited to pick up organic feed and farm supplies.

Photo courtesy of Steve Rice, Stratford Beacon Harold. Read his story here.

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Our Products

New - Buckwheat contracts for 2016.

New - Spring 2016 seed catalog

New - organic beet pulp for animals.

Now offering 2015 and 2016 crop contracts - we need more grain!

Tom presents some key products on YouTube.

Organic feeds for your back yard production.

Great video on animal welfare in organic farming.

Natural soil amendments and pest controls for organic farmers and gardeners.

Lots of details on natural supplements for livestock.

Our Services

Past editions of the Homestead Organics newsletter.

New - Canadian directory of organic farm inputs.

Further away? Consult our dealer network across Ontario, Québec, Atlantic Canada, and New York.

Meet Valérie, our staff agronomist who works with farmers to analyze soils, improve fertility and weed control, and enhance your crop rotations.

As you plan for your backyard flocks this spring, consult our poultry production guide. Our poultry feeds are complete rations for broilers, layers, ducks, and turkeys.

With precision seed cleaning equipment, we provide grain marketing and cleaning for food grains and seed to link grain farmers, traders, and food processors.

Nice short video about Homestead Organics.

News & Messages

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