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Mineral Premixes

Use: Feed Supplement

Mineral Premixes are general purpose formulations of concentrated minerals designed to meet the nutritional needs of different livestock species at different phases of production — based on average farm requirements. All complete feeds from Homestead Organics contain the premixes.

Certain farms may need custom premixes for their specific needs, such as to adjust for the quality of stored feed, pasture and forage, and the condition and needs of the animals. Whether custom or general purpose, premixes take the guesswork out of buying individual nutritional supplements and ensure animals are receiving the nutrition they need. All premixes contain primary minerals, such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and sulphur, plus vitamins A, D, E, and some of the B vitamins. Depending on their design, premixes may contain kelp meal and additional chelated trace minerals. If requested, they may contain micro-nutrients (selenium, zinc, copper, manganese, iodine, cobalt, iron, potassium) and a probiotic including a fermentation by-product and an enzyme package.

Homestead Organics uses only ingredients approved for use in organic agriculture in its premixes, taking care to avoid prohibited items such as synthetic preservatives in vitamins, nutrients fermented by genetically modified organisms and mineral oil. Premixes are priced according to their complexity, the work that goes into preparing a custom formula and the range of micro-nutrients and special ingredients requested. They may need to be ordered ahead of time.


The minerals in premixes stimulate the metabolic system, increasing absorption rates and the use of minerals in the body. As well, the body easily assimilates the chelated organic minerals in many premixes so it avoids taxing the kidney/urinary system by expelling large amounts of unused minerals.

Cattle and Dairy:

  • Maintains a healthy herd.
  • Improves breeding.
  • Ensures optimal production.


  • Ensures correct levels of vitamins and minerals.
  • Increases litter size.
  • Improves birth weights.
  • Establishes healthier litters.


  • Contains chelated complexes that allow minerals to pass directly into the bloodstream.
  • Improves anemia, sore joints and stiff muscles.


  • Increases fat content.
  • Improves the flavour of the meat.

Sheep and Goats:

  • Ensures vitamin and mineral requirements are met.
  • Meets the demanding nutritional needs of milking goats.
  • Increases milk production.
  • Prevents disease.
  • Increases fertility rates.
  • Allows minerals to pass from the stomach into the bloodstream.
  • Encourages beneficial microbial growth in the intestine.

Directions for Use

  • See the detailed instructions for each line of premix.
  • Not all premixes contain salt. In that case, offer salt free-choice on in the feed.
  • Limestone is used as a source of calcium and as a filler in premixes.
  • Since premixes are priced according to the nutrient density, products that are nutrient-denser (and therefore contain less calcium) may be more expensive to buy initially but go farther. However, they may need to be supplemented with calcium, which is inexpensive to buy separately.


  • 55 lb or 25 kg bags for standard premixes.
  • Call to find out the minimum order for custom mixes.


  • There are no known health risks.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Avoid handling in a draft or wind condition as the dust can be irritating to the eyes and respiratory system. Use a dust mask and gloves when handling mineral products.