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Our Mission - "To Serve and Develop Organic Agriculture!"
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Mixed Feeds and Whole Grains

Organic grain prices are riding a peak since 2012. North America had lost about 10-20% of its organic acreage due to low grain prices in 2010. At the same time, the organic market continues to grow. Therefore, there is a drastic supply and demand imbalance that push feed prices upward. The current strong US dollar only makes matters worse.


Protein Levels:

The protein level is an approximation based on the pro-rated level of the ingredient products on as fed (calculated including the moisture in the grain). The actual protein level may vary slightly from one batch to another. The major source of protein is roasted soybeans with supplemental protein from flax pellets and other oilseeds, peas and wheat.


Our standard feed products and feed grains are in 25 kg bags (55 pounds). We hope that you appreciate our privately labelled bags. We do NOT want you to bring them back! In order to prevent the potential spread of disease from one farm to another, we would rather not use returned bags. Organic farmers must prevent disease instead of relying on antibiotics. This is your contribution to disease containment.


All products are made from only certified organic grains and organically acceptable mineral and vitamin inputs. The grains are rolled individually to ensure the proper texture for the animal and then mixed. We use mostly whole grains; the exceptions being dehydrated alfalfa pellets, pressed flax, sunflower and canola meal. We occasionally use bran and wheat mids in our pig feed. There are no medications, preservatives nor animal products of any kind except for oyster shells in the layer mash. The ingredient list on the tag of each product is in order of importance.

The ingredient list may change slightly from time to time depending on the availability and cost of the ingredients. This is the current list of common grain ingredients. Each recipe contains a subset of these items:

  • shelled corn
  • roasted soybeans
  • extruded soybean meal
  • barley
  • wheat
  • oats
  • peas
  • flax meal
  • soybean oil
  • dehydrated alfalfa
  • sunflower meal
  • sunflower oil
  • canola meal

This is the current list of common mineral supplements. The actual use varies from product to product:

  • mineral premixes including all kinds of primary and trace minerals and vitamins
  • limestone
  • kelp meal
  • natural trace mineral salt and white salt
  • methionine, choline, and lysine
  • selenium yeast
  • probiotics
  • enzymes
  • vitamins A, D, and E, plus vitamin B complex in addition to those vitamins in the premix
  • and other supplements on request such as diatomaceous earth, bentonite swell clay, etc.