Three locations to serve you in Ontario: Berwick, Morrisburg, Sebringville.
Our Mission - "To Serve and Develop Organic Agriculture!"
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Homestead Organics Flour Mill

Homestead Organics is pleased to offer whole grains and stone ground flours to the public. See our factory outlet prices here. And scroll to the second page of the price list to see the list of retail stores in Ontario carrying our organic flours.

Homestead Organics and Mountain Path Organics, both founded in the 1980’s, developed and served organic agriculture and food in Ontario. We salute the initiative of their respective founders, Murray Manley and Robert Hogg. 

Tom Manley took over Homestead Organics in 1997 to move the company to Berwick and then to expand in Morrisburg in 2014. On the other hand, Robert Hogg retired in 2014 and sold his food distribution business. Mountain Path Organic and Natural Foods is now located in Ottawa alongside Signature Foods and Natural Gourmet.

Rather than move the Mountain Path stone-ground flour mill to Ottawa, Homestead Organics acquired the equipment and installed the mill in Morrisburg. The Company now mills flour under the brands of Homestead Organics and Mountain Path. The partners celebrated the official opening of the organic flour mill on May 27th 2015. 

At a quarter tonne of flour per hour, the mill has a modest capacity compared to commercial mills, but it is producing high quality stone-ground organic flour. Started in 1983, the mill still uses its original 30 inch grinding stones. Whole grains are ground in the mill, preserving the vital germ found within the kernel, and evenly distributes the nutrient throughout the flour in order to prevent rancidity. 

These whole grain flours are double milled to reduce the size of the bran particles and ensure a consistently fine product from which nothing has been removed. Since no essential nutrients are removed, there is no need to “enrich” the flour and of course there are no additives.

The organic flours at Homestead Organics include bread wheat, pastry wheat, corn, barley, chick peas, oats, rice, spelt, kamut, buckwheat, and rye. Approximately 50% of the ingredients are commonly grown and will be sourced in eastern Ontario. Homestead Organics will acquire the balance of the ingredients from afar because they are not commonly grown in the region or when the local supplies are exhausted.

As of the Spring 2017, here are the geographical sources of our organic grains:

  • all purpose white flour - Québec.
  • bread wheat hard red spring: eastern Ontario.
  • pastry wheat: south-western Ontario.
  • kamut: western Canada.
  • Red Fife wheat: western Canada.
  • corn: eastern Ontario.
  • chick peas: turkey.
  • quinoa: south America.
  • rice: Texas or Turkey.
  • spelt: Germany because in 2016 we could not find local crop.
  • buckwheat: Ontario or Québec.
  • oats and barley: Québec.
  • rye: Ontario or Québec.

For the ribbon cutting on May 27th 2015, we have SDG Warden Eric Duncan, Community Futures Development Corp.'s Allan Meabry, South Dundas Mayor Evonne Delegarde, our miller Bruce Beattie, Mountain Path's founder Robert Hogg, Signature Foods' Paul Gorman, and Homestead Organics' Tom Manley.

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