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Our Mission - "To Serve and Develop Organic Agriculture!"
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Soil Amendments and Fertilizers

 Valérie will be pleased to help you with your fertilization program. 

On top of the fertilizers we can also help you with your soil test to get a better picture of your soil. Valérie will also be please to talk with you about your rotation program. 

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Disclaimer, liability, and organic notice....

Each operator must obtain approval from their certifier for their production plan and list of inputs. The organic column below merely provides some references to submit to your certifier and is not an opinion about organic acceptability.

Product Photo Information Certification MSDS
Alfalfa meal    Info  EcoCert  
2-2-1 and 3% water-soluble calcium
Azomite    Info    
Black Earth    Info    MSDS
Boron, Granular 15 %
            Soluble 20.5%
 MSDS - Sol
Calphos  Info  Certificat  MSDS
Compost  Analysis  Certificat  
Copper sulphate    PSL  MSDS
Cow Pots  Flyer    
Ferrous sulphate  Analysis  PSL  MSDS
Fish - liquid  Certificat  MSDS
Green Manure        
Greensand  Analysis  OMRI  MSDS
Gypsum        MSDS
800 grams for 20 acres
 Info  MSDS
4.7 kg for 40 acres
 Info  OMRI Canada MSDS
2.4 kg for 20 acres
 Info OMRI Canada MSDS
Inoculant Mycorrhizal for Vegetable Gardens
 Info OMRI USA  
Inoculant Mycorhizal for Trees and Shrubs
 Info OMRI USA  
Kelp meal  Certificat  
Limestone  Info  PSL  MSDS
Magnesium sulphate    Analysis  PSL  MSDS
Manganese sulphate    Analysis  PSL  MSDS
Molasses    Analysis  Certificat  
Potassium sulphate  Info  Certificat  MSDS
Sea minerals    Info  Certificat  MSDS
Seaweed - liquid  Info; Analysis  Certificat  MSDS
Soil activator  Info  Ecocert  MSDS
Soil kit
pH - N - P - K
Soybean meal  Info  Certificat  
Spanish River Carbonatite  Info  Certificat  MSDS
Sulphur  Info  PSL  MSDS
Sul-Po-Mag  Info  PSL  MDSD
Worm casting        
Zinc sulphate  Info  PSL  MDSD