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Our Mission - "To Serve and Develop Organic Agriculture!"
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Livestock Nutritional Supplements

Homestead Organics is your organic farm supply store. We have what you need on your organic farm but cannot find at your usual farm supply store.

New: we now have a complete line of mineral premixes to make feed on the farm, designed with ingredients compliant with organic production standards.

Consult the price list of animal health supplements from Homestead Organics. Consult the detailed supplement list below. We also have a two-page printable summary description including most products.

Based on lab reports of your forages, silage and grain feeds, we can formulate a mineral package that balances your nutritional needs.

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Disclaimer, liability, and organic notice....

Each operator must obtain approval from their certifier for their production plan and list of inputs. The organic column below merely provides some references to submit to your certifier and is not an opinion about organic acceptability.

Product used for... References Organic MSDS
Aloe Vera Juice healing      
Beet Pulp  Energy Organic  
Bentonite Clay toxins specifications Consult PSL MSDS
Charcoal toxins specifications certified  
Diatomaceous Earth (DE) worms & pests Consult PSL MSDS
Norman's Naturals Dog Food dog food   not organic  
Eco-Scent (EctoPhyte in the USA) deodorizer    
Hydrogen Peroxide sanitation specifications Consult PSL MSDS
Iodox-A sanitation how to use   MSDS
Kelp Meal nutrition specifications Organic MSDS
Limestone nutrition specifications Consult PSL MSDS
Liquid Protein Feed healing      
Mineral Premixes nutrition   Consult PSL  
Molasses nutrition specifications certified  
Nutra-Fix™ Fermentation Supplement nutrition label    
Nutra-Fix™ Liquid Lactobacillus Acidophilus nutrition for calves    
Nutra-Fix™ Hay Forage Silage Preservative nutrition how to use    
Nutri-Mins nutrition   Consult PSL  
Oil, flax nutrition label certified  
Oil, soybean nutrition   certified  
Oil of Oregano health Manufacturer    
Oyster Shells nutrition specifications Consult PSL MSDS
Redmond Anti-caking Agent toxins Redmond OMRI cert MSDS
Redmond Natural Trace Mineral (NTM) Salt nutrition Redmond OMRI cert MSDS
Sodium Bicarbonate nutrition Pestell Consult PSL MSDS
Sulphur, supplement & parasiticide nutrition Pestell Consult PSL MSDS
Vinegar, Apple Cider nutrition   certified  
Vinegar, White sanitation   Consult PSL MSDS
Vitamin C, Injectable healing   Consult PSL